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What’s the difference between data-driven and people-based marketing?

December 6, 2018 Martin Wallace Identity Resolution people-based marketing

These terms will ultimately shape the future of your marketing, so let’s look at how they sit together and what they mean for organisations.

What is people-based marketing?

First up, it’s important to understand that people-based and data-driven aren’t in opposition to each other. It’s possible to be data-driven without being people-based. On the other hand, …

How cross-channel attribution works

How cross-channel attribution works

January 22, 2018 Martin Wallace Attribution Identity Resolution Measurement

Attribution is the practice of tracking and valuing all marketing touch points that lead to a desired outcome.

The expansion of marketing channels and tactics has left marketers asking, “what’s working and what’s not?” In our recent blog we analysed the true definition of attribution and the various subcategories that relate to marketing measurement.

This blog explores the …


From Search to store – a seamless experience with People-Based Search

November 25, 2017 Martin Wallace Identity Resolution Search Targeting

The seamless customer experience is no longer an aspiration for brands, it is a commercial imperative.

There is enough research to indicate a strong preference among buyers, shoppers, people, for a personalised shopping experience. Whether they are browsing on your app, checking out on your online shop or rifling through the dresses in your flagship …

3 Segmentation Techniques and Their Benefits

August 1, 2017 Liveramp Identity Resolution Personalisation Segmentation Targeting

Segmentation is key to ensure you’re speaking to the right people who are interested in your offers, rather than sharing your message with an undefined audience.

A few decades ago, segmentation was a much more limited tactic. But as technology and digital channels have become increasingly intelligent, segmentation has evolved to new levels.

How you choose …

Improve Your Targeting Results With These 3 Smart Segmentation Techniques

July 27, 2017 Liveramp Identity Resolution Personalisation Segmentation Targeting

Segmentation is by no means a new marketing invention. However, only recently have advancements in data and technology allowed us to be smart in segmentation; to segment in a more intelligent, proactive way across online and offline channels.

Data forms the foundation of this new intelligence; it’s only by collating and connecting our cross-channel insights …