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Fragmentation of the online travel customer journey – how to reconnect the dots

February 6, 2019 Graham Tricker Identity Resolution Personalisation

When booking a holiday, how long do you typically spend researching your destination and what offers are available?

That long?…

There are a plethora of platforms you can use when it comes to shaping the ‘perfect’ holiday experience. This is exactly what shopping for a holiday should be – an exciting experience that takes planning, …

Do You Have The Data You Need To Succeed With Programmatic?

December 8, 2017 Martin Wallace Personalisation Segmentation Targeting

The world of programmatic advertising is changing.

As the industry is evolving, we are glimpsing better creative, upskilled workers, transformed agencies; and picturing a collaborative, thriving ecosystem between vendors and publishers. But while we are on the road to completely automated buying, perfect control and unparalleled insight – the industry as a whole is not …

programmatic advertising challenges

6 Programmatic Challenges Marketers Need to Address

November 30, 2017 Martin Wallace Challenges Personalisation Segmentation

Programmatic advertising has come a long way.

Yet while brands were happy to use agency resources to manage programmatic in the early days; as programmatic investment has grown, scrutiny has increased over budget and investment.

Brands are increasingly looking for greater transparency in programmatic, to find efficiencies and improve ROI. For some, this means reviewing agency …

programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising Considerations: What Do Marketers Need To Know?

November 24, 2017 Martin Wallace Personalisation Segmentation Targeting

The overall advantages of using machines to make purchasing decisions on advertising impressions are undeniable. In fact, over the last few years, programmatic advertising has evolved to become the preeminent way brands/ their agencies buy display.

And, as we see programmatic achieving positive results just as well for brand marketing as for direct response – …

People-Based Search Tactics All Marketers Need To Know

September 15, 2017 Martin Wallace Personalisation Search Segmentation Targeting

Understanding People-Based Search

Connecting people-based marketing with search marketing, people-based search takes data-driven targeting to a new level.

By combining what you know about your customer and prospect segments, with what search engines know about their intent; people-based search means it’s possible to reach people in more specific ways than ever before.

So how can you use …

Why People Based Search Is Marketing’s Most Exciting New Discipline

September 7, 2017 Martin Wallace Personalisation Search Segmentation Targeting

Why People-Based Search?

People-based search is transforming the way marketers target and engage with customers and prospects.

Of course, many marketers have been using some form of search marketing (to act on prospect’s intent to buy), and people-based marketing (to target and reach real people with the most relevant, messaging) for a while.

But previously, though both …