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How CIOs Can Get Internal Buy-In for Data, Tech, and Business Strategy Alignment before Investing

  • Jules McGinlay
  • 2 min read

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. In data strategy, this is more true than ever.” -Manuel Cimarosti, Director of Media: Data Strategy and Measurement Analytics, Danone

Disorganised data and disjointed digital tools often cause decision fatigue and further disconnect business goals from tech and data strategies. Alignment between your company’s mission and goals to each area of data collection, monetisation, and collaboration creates a clear road map for interlocking data and business strategies, eliminating the possibility of missing new revenue-generating opportunities.

But theorising how you can align both the tech strategy and the business strategy are much different than putting those ideas into action. Internal stakeholder buy-in is essential in amplifying your company’s data and tech needs.

How to get buy-in

Here are three ways you can advocate for necessary strategic changes with your C-suite peers and present new tech strategies to expand your company’s growth:

Executive position Alignment strategy
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Connect with your immediate leadership on the value that strategic realignment can bring.
Understand the baseline knowledge of your executive team on how critical data and tech strategies are to business growth. Bring your stakeholders along on your journey, proving your strategy’s value by being transparent on the metrics you’re tracking and how you’re faring. In doing this, you’ll soon find partners within the organisation who are willing to lean in and help co-create the right data and tech strategy to match your business needs.
Chief Data Ethics Officer

General Counsel

Collaborate on a technology strategy built on your company’s data and privacy ethics.
Ensure that your proposal is forward-thinking and aligned with your company’s data ethics policies and stance. Working directly with these executives will also give you a sense of the types of leading-edge technologies that they are willing to explore.
Chief Analytics Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Align technology investments with team needs for more data and analytics at their fingertips.
Traditionally, creating an audience, a targeting list, or a suppression list involves multiple time-consuming steps and queries. The right technical data management tools can reduce that time significantly for marketing, data, and analytics teams, accelerating insights that can spark innovation.

It’s critical for leaders across teams to encourage a culture of collaboration. Just as data silos limit a complete picture, communication silos will limit the synergy you need between your overarching business and tech strategies for future success.

To learn how you can establish and deepen relationships among commercial teams and the groups that serve them, download our guide, 8 Experts on Powering Safe, Secure Data Collaboration, featuring leaders from CVS, Danone, Carrefour, and more.