Understanding Preference and Consent Management

Curious about those cookie alerts and permission requests? Read on to understand what they are and how LiveRamp can help you take control of your data.

What do “preference” and “consent management” mean for me?

Preference and consent management allows you to take control of your online experience.


Control over your data

Preference and consent management lets you choose who you share data with and for what purposes


Increased transparency

Learn more about how and when your data is used and for what purposes


Exercising your rights

Opt out of data processing and sharing purposes


What is a preference and consent manager?

A way to put control into your hands

A preference and consent manager helps companies fulfill your right to know when your data is collected and who it’s shared with. It does this by keeping you informed and recording your choices as to how your data is used.

How is data collected online?

By using what you provide or through cookies

Data is typically self-reported (e.g. information you provided when registering for a service), or collected through cookies. Cookies are small bits of code saved in your internet browser that can serve many purposes. Common uses for cookies include saving your login information or increasing ad relevance.

Why do businesses use data?

To help keep the internet free

Businesses use data they collect to improve their products so the average internet user has a good experience at little to no cost. Many online businesses are ad supported, and when it comes to monetizing ads, it’s a two-way street. Advertisers want to use their data to reach new and existing customers, while site owners use data they have to help them do that. This allows many site owners to continue providing content for free.

Data Ethics and Privacy

Your Rights