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LiveRamp’s data monetisation suite enables you to take control of your monetisation strategy. Access best-in-class data onboarding that doesn’t sacrifice precision for accuracy, and connect with 300+ marketing technology platforms and 500+ top brands and agencies.


You can have it all: precision and reach

When activating your data sets across channels and device IDs, mismatched identifiers and poor data hygiene can compromise reach and performance. Mitigate these issues by working with LiveRamp, which has the largest identity graph tied to an extensive variety of identifiers across the ecosystem. We maximise the performance of your data sets, no matter which destinations your customers request.

Identity Graph

Get in front of data buyers

You’re committed to helping your customers maximise their reach to the people most interested in their products. Are you doing the same for your own business? With one contract, LiveRamp connects you to 300+ marketing technology platforms and over 500 top brands and agencies who are looking for unique data sets like yours.

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Prove the value of your data to your customers

Our measurement workflows allow you to demonstrate reach, results, and ROI in a data-driven way. Build your own measurement products or use LiveRamp’s Advertising Exposure Identity Linking. Share this information with your customers or in-house analytics teams to measure ROI accurately, optimise on the right data, and gain visibility into campaign success, all in a privacy-safe way.

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Peace of mind with Our Data Safe Haven®

We have a secure Data Safe Haven, with the unique and neutral position to support and drive privacy and transparency across the data ecosystem. 

Security and Privacy

Our approach to privacy and data ethics

LiveRamp’s Global Data Ethics and Public Policy is constantly evolving to prioritise consumer privacy. We incorporate strict standards into our review of all third-party data. Buyers can be confident that data sourced from LiveRamp has been checked to ensure that consumers are provided notice, opt-out, and choice management and that the use of the data is permissible.

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