Targeting for Search

Targeting for Search

Targeting for Search

Targeting for Search

Take a people-based approach to Search with first-party data

What if you could further improve the interaction with your customers and prospects by changing ads, messaging, or bidding strategy based on an understanding of ‘who’ is searching?

The Problem

Search marketing has historically benefited from context and intent. You know your ads are relevant because you know what the searcher is looking for and when they’re looking for it. But without a people-based approach to search, that’s where the context ends.

The Solution

Combine the lower funnel intent and context of Search with the audience targeting precision of display & social with a people-based search strategy. LiveRamp customers benefit from centralising identity resolution across channels, and if you’re a Google Customer Match customer, you’ll increase the match rate of your list up to 600% with LiveRamp’s new Data Append features.

Use Cases and Benefits

Improve CTR and sales lift: Lift click-through rates (CTR) from 2-3% to 5-7%, and return on ad spend (ROAS) by almost 70%

Deploy efficiently across channels: Centralising search and display segments on a single platform allows for optimisation and cross-channel messaging

Run smarter campaigns: Optimise bids to better reach customers with high predicted lifetime value (LTV) or the highest likelihood to convert.