Marketing Data Doesn’t Matter If It’s Not Reliable

Data is the foundation of all marketing, analytics, advertising and commerce strategies. But it’s often hard to access, too hard to make sense of and too hard to activate across all the touchpoints where it could power better decisioning and better experiences. See how we can help improve the campaign you’re working on today.


Reliable data is the foundation of good marketing

Clean data is the foundation to any good marketing campaign. Good data hygiene is the thankless, unending, unglamorous – but essential – work required to get clean data.

And so this is where all LiveRamp products start: a data hygiene process that ensures the seamless combination and transition of clean data to and from your internal customer data applications, to the marketing applications you rely on to create meaningful interactions.

Identity Graph

Unite known and anonymous data around a real customer ID

Permissioned, first-party name/postal/email data also needs to translate the wide variety of identities across the digital ecosystem. LiveRamp’s marketing suite is built on the world’s largest open identity graph. But that’s not just talk – with around 45 million identified UK individuals across a wide range of mobile, display and other devices and identifiers, our graph is the most comprehensive switchboard for the on and offline worlds.

We have architected and built the only open and deterministic identity offering that can resolve IDs at the enterprise level, while maintaining the strictest privacy and permissioning standards.

Identity Graph

Data works best when widely accessible

No matter your partners, they are our partners. We work with an extensive network of brands, agencies, technology providers, publishers and data providers. We are the network you need to connect your marketing strategy to campaign execution.

Through our onboarding products, you can be confident that data reaches as many channels, devices and databases as possible and, through our measurement process, the most complete data sets and results return to your analytics products.

Omnichannel Ecosystem

Make Privacy & Regulatory Compliance Your Priority

We believe consumers should be informed and have meaningful controls over how their data is used across every touchpoint, consistently. We do this by being a leading Data Safe Haven, in the unique and neutral position to support and drive privacy across the data ecosystem.

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