We understand if you wish to opt out of LiveRamp

Use our tools below to opt out of LiveRamp. If you have any trouble opting out, please contact ukprivacy@liveramp.com.

You may also want to change the cookie management settings on your web browser. We also recommend visiting the opt-out pages on the EDAA and YourOnlineChoices sites to manage other advertising cookies used by your web browser. If you would like to opt out for mobile devices specifically, please visit our mobile opt-out page.

Commonly asked questions

If I only “opt out of LiveRamp cookies,” what will happen?

When you opt out of LiveRamp cookies, we place an opt-out cookie on your web browser, on our advertising domain that indicates you have chosen to opt out. This cookie tells web sites using our solutions to not personalise the online ads you see. If you buy a new computer, upgrade or change your web browser, or delete this opt-out cookie by clearing your browser files, you will need to perform this process again.

How do I opt out of other third-party ad networks?

To opt out of third-party ad networks (including ones that we work with and may have transferred data to in the past), we also recommend visiting the opt-out pages on the EDAA and YourOnlineChoices sites.

If I opt out of targeting ads, through the above sites, will I still see online ads?

Yes, you will still see ads online if you opt out of targeted advertising, because most online content is supported by advertising, rather than by direct payments from viewers. However, if you opt out, such as through theYourOnlineChoices site, the ads you see will generally not be tied to any multi-site behavioural data, and are more likely to be “contextual” based simply on the website you are viewing.

Our Opt-out Tools

If you have any trouble using our opt-out tools, please email ukprivacy@liveramp.com and we will ensure you are opted out.