Measurement: Incremental Sales Analysis

Test, Learn, Optimise

To calculate and quantify return on ad spend, you need to establish clear cause and effect from your marketing efforts with incremental campaign analysis and testing.
LiveRamp powers clean, matched control groups to test and measure exposure outcomes with increased accuracy and confidence. Test and learn to understand digital creative, campaign and channel influences on brand preference and incremental sales.

Cleaner Test Results

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Get more reliable test results with a consistent identifier

You could try to use cookies as your identifier for measuring sales lift, but it wouldn’t be worth it. You’d lose consistency from campaign to campaign and screen to screen. By using consistent identifiers from LiveRamp, you can maintain accuracy and gain smarter insights over time.

Persistence Pays Off

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Unify tests across devices, channels, and the enterprise

Persistent, people-based control groups can span multiple lines of business. This allows you to use the same audiences across incrementality tests, giving you great insight into your entire customer base.

Sharper Insights

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Optimise budgets and campaigns per audience

Once you’re in a rhythm with multivariate testing across consumer segments, you’ll have unique insights on the messaging and media that work best for new, loyal, lapsed, and high-lifetime-value customers. You can then use this information to optimise your campaigns and reach your customer growth goals.


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