Customer Profiles: Lookalike Modelling

Lookalikes for Targeting

The pressure to acquire and scale new customers is constant. Marketers today need to be smarter and have greater control of who they target. LiveRamp offers a people-based lookalike modelling solution, enabling you to find and reach people who look and act just like your target audiences, while optimising for accuracy.


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Identity is foundational for lookalike modelling
Identity is critical in developing reliable lookalike models because the attributes used for algorithms need to be accurately matched to audiences. With LiveRamp, seed and modelled audiences are matched deterministically to LiveRamp’s people-based ID, providing a strong foundation for more precise targeting.





Optimisation Levers

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Have full control of your modelled audiences
Access self-service controls that facilitate easy optimisation of modelled lookalike audiences for your unique campaign reach or engagement goals. Whether your optimising for precision to ensure more accurate personalisation, or reach to acquire more customers, you have all the controls you need at your fingertips.


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Build modelled audiences that align with your needs
Many aspects of our lookalike modelling solution is customisable. With RampID, both online and offline data can be ingested and modelled out to different channel types for activation or to comply with privacy requirements. Furthermore, you can leverage LiveRamp’s standard offline reference data set, license data from the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, or bring your own data (BYOD!).


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