Customer Profiles: Second-Party Partnerships

Make the Most of Your Data Partnerships

Strong customer intelligence is key, but you may not know everything about your customers. You need exclusive and trusted data to enrich your most valuable asset, your first-party data. Data partnerships enables you to collaborate with complementary partners to enhance your data to drive more meaningful campaigns.


Data Governance

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Data Governance Unlocks the Value of Data Partnerships

LiveRamp’s Data Partnerships Environment is a neutral environment that leverages RampID to match and permission data to enable mutually beneficial collaboration without sharing raw data. Strict data control capabilities within the environment allows you to dictate exactly what each of your partners can do with your data, so you can permission data confidently. 


Partner Evaluation

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Leverage overlap analysis to inform your partnership goals

You may not know what opportunities you have with a partner, let Overlap Analysis guide you. Perform overlap analysis to reveal high or low overlaps to evaluate partnership viability and inform use cases. A high overlap can be a good indication for co-marketing and a low overlap can be a good indication of customer acquisition. 

Build & Activate

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Build blended audiences with your partner for activation

Work with your partner to create bespoke segments for more precise targeting to meet your mutual campaign goals. You can leverage advanced segmentation to create different combinations of data segments, and then deliver the segments to LiveRamp’s 600+ partner destinations for better targeting, personalisation, and suppression.

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