An Evolution of Data Onboarding and Activation: Reach Your Audience on Every Screen

  • Coordinated, consistent experiences

  • Precision at scale

  • Streamlined data activation

  • Sustainable, addressable reach

Consumer attention is fragmented across many screens and touch points—

With disconnected identity…
Increasing focus on privacy protection…
Inefficiencies from maintaining multiple platforms…
Ecosystem and regulatory changes…

Leveraging data to create exceptional experiences is becoming harder. A scaled, secure, and sustainable solution is needed.

Data Activation: Reach Your Audiences Securely Wherever They Engage with Your Brand

Industry-Leading Identity Technology

LiveRamp’s leading identity technology enables precise data activation across channels, screens, and devices, acting as the translation layer to enable addressable reach in an ever-evolving industry.

Largest Global Network of Media Activation Platforms

Accelerate the time-to-value of data activation by accessing hundreds of platforms across display, search, social, and TV—all from one easy-to-use platform or API—and bring efficiency to your marketing team.

Cross-Screen Audience Management

Navigate the fragmented TV landscape by activating your audiences across screens. From linear to digital video to OTT, cross-screen audience management enables you to implement the most effective cross-screen TV investment strategy.

A Hierarchy of Identifiers

Reach the right person based on your use case—whether it’s at the individual, household, or account level—and execute data-driven marketing campaigns with precision.

What can I do with data activation?


Optimise engagements with the right customers by leveraging the world’s largest and most accurate Identity Infrastructure.


Reduce ad spend waste by using a people-based approach to suppress existing customers.


Tailor creatives, content, and messaging that effectively resonates with your audiences.

Channel Diversification

Increase your ability to reach customers by expanding to newly addressable channels such as CTV, search, and cookieless display.
“People-based marketing for United really means relevancy. What we’re trying to do is get in front of the right person at the right time with the right message, and the best way to do that is by leveraging our first-party data. LiveRamp is definitely on the forefront of that people-based marketing approach.”
Ryan Cahill, Manager, Digital Acquisitions, United Airlines

Effectively Engage Your Desired Audiences

Fragmented viewership and evolving privacy regulations make connecting data and reaching audiences with precision more challenging. Data activation resolves these pain points for all players in the ecosystem.



Reach your customers at every precision level across hundreds of platforms, including digital, search, social, and TV.



Maximise reach of your clients’ high-value audiences and power more effective and efficient campaigns across all channels.



Win more business by enabling advertisers to deliver coordinated experiences with first-, second-, and third-party data activation.


Data Providers

Drive more monetisation opportunities by making your data accessible on more platforms for easy access to data buyers.

Activation Product Pillars

At LiveRamp, we prioritise privacy protection and give you control over your data. Dive into how our leading identity translation technology enables you to reach your audience safely and with precision.
  • Privacy-Protecting Activation

    Activate audiences across platforms without sharing sensitive data by leveraging our technology to connect your data to media platforms.

  • Accuracy at Scale

    Simplify the complexity of data activation and maintain accuracy across engagements, screens, and platforms to ensure you’re reaching the right audience with the highest success rate.

  • Global and Diverse Integrations

    Access hundreds of integrated platforms across search, display, CTV, and more to reach your customers where they are around the world.

  • Transparency and Control of Data

    Choose from a powerful UI or API to select which platforms to connect to, and have end-to-end control from data ingestion to delivery to your preferred platforms.

  • Addressable Reach

    Our ATS infrastructure enables access to valuable, authenticated audiences in environments without third-party cookies and other key identifiers.


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