Onboarding: Programmatic

Rise Above the Noise

Consumers are inundated with display ads. Make your message as relevant as possible  by targeting your first-party data across the open web. With LiveRamp, you can customise your programmatic buys to the appropriate audiences, cap how many impressions are served to an individual across DSPs, and incorporate offline transaction data to measure true ROAS.


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Improve your campaigns by using your first-party data

Basic programmatic spend can be quickly improved by working with LiveRamp to onboard and distribute your first-party data. This leads to better campaign segmentation, personalisation consistency across multiple DSPs, and audience suppression with certain attributes… leading to increased ROAS.

Frequency Capping

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Control spend and maximise ROI across multiple platforms

Every platform offers some type of frequency capping for impressions served, but this doesn’t prevent your audience from getting inundated across platforms. Only through LiveRamp and its partners can you cap served impressions across multiple platforms while retaining reach and coverage.


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Tie offline transactions to your programmatic buys

Most purchases still happen in the physical world while your customers spend a growing portion of their day online. Through LiveRamp, you can connect their digital behaviour to transaction data in a privacy-conscious manner to validate your programmatic strategy.

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