Onboarding: Search

People-Based Search

People-based search combines two of marketers’ top tactics—the context of paid search and the precision audience targeting common on display and social media channels. With LiveRamp, marketers can maximise their match rates on Google Customer Match in a privacy-conscious way.

Google Customer Match

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Improve match rates and expand your reach with data append

Increase your reach and match rate by ~50% with data append across Google Adwords, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Shopping by uploading customer data that LiveRamp pseudonymises and matches to online identities. You can append more records to your audience file in a privacy-conscious way such that you never send customer data directly to Google.

Tie Offline Conversions to Paid Search

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Measure search campaign ROI

LiveRamp’s close partnership with Google allows search marketers to associate offline transactions with their paid search campaigns. This not only gives you a deeper understanding of campaign ROI, but also gives you insight into the customer journey.

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