Identity Graph: Connecting Data for Better Customer Relationships

It takes a lot to reach your consumers wherever they may browse. LiveRamp’s identity graph is the largest deterministic graph on the open internet, with more than 45 million consumers represented in the UK, 250 million in the US and many more worldwide.

LiveRamp’s offline data asset is the backbone of our identity graph, linking customer identifiers such as mobile devices, cookies, customer IDs and others to the LiveRamp platform, all in a privacy-conscious manner.

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences Through Identity Resolution


Deterministic matching

Identity resolution is rooted in deterministic matching to create targeted, people-based experiences. Powered by over 600 million unique online authentication events per month across our match network, our identity graph enables us to build accurate, robust customer profiles at a deterministic level.


People-based identity

LiveRamp’s identity graph provides an omnichannel view of the consumer. Our offline data is based on touchpoints from the real world that are deterministically tied with online identifiers to provide a people-based omnichannel view of your target audience, enabling you to create personalised, meaningful experiences for the consumer.



LiveRamp focuses exclusively on providing the strongest, universal person-based identifier that functions across the ecosystem and throughout the enterprise. LiveRamp provides the backbone of unified data to support our clients’ marketing activities.

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Expansive digital reach

Reaching over 45 million matched UK people online, LiveRamp provides the largest deterministic identity graph available for commercial use for identifying individuals. Activate marketing at a people-based level anywhere in the customer journey.


Privacy by design

LiveRamp’s universal opt-out ensures that privacy preferences are respected across every addressable touchpoint with a single opt-out.

LiveRamp’s identity graph was designed to enforce privacy and keep customer data safe, while providing data-driven use cases for comprehensive marketing campaigns across devices and channels.

Our Identity Graph by the Numbers

LiveRamp’s identity graph:


Reaches more than 45 million active people online across the UK


Reaches more than 250 million active people online in the US


100+ sources for offline, historical information

Knowing Your Customers Has its Benefits:

Powering People-Based Marketing

Our identity graph helps you better personalise, target, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns and communications by combining individual-level data across devices and channels, as well as offline and online interactions.

Building Identity Resolution into Solutions

LiveRamp’s identity graph easily integrates into your existing marketing platform, helping you add powerful identifiers to reach customers at a people-based level in your own familiar platform —all in a compliant, privacy-safe way.

Making Data Available for Monetisation

Data owners can easily maximise the value of their data by monetising through LiveRamp’s data marketplace. Marketers who purchase the data can then safely and seamlessly activate it with LiveRamp’s 500+ integrations throughout the marketing ecosystem.

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