Identity Resolution: Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)

Create Value, Engender Trust.

ATS enables individuals to participate in a two-way value exchange with brands and publishers. By authenticating themselves, individuals are able to maintain control over the use of their data. In return for individuals’ trust, brands and publishers can create valuable experiences and content. This is the promise of a trusted ecosystem.

The Opportunity for Publishers


Maximise Ad Revenue

With the end of third-party cookies as an identifier for inventory across paid channels, publishers will lose substantial programmatic ad revenue. With the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), you can recognise known users to enable data-driven targeting, dramatically increasing the value of your inventory.

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Earn more from your ad inventory

Without third-party cookies, you will lose the ability to identify visitors and earn data-driven yields. ATS enables authenticated identity for visitor traffic to provide addressability across all browsers. We’ve partnered with leading exchanges to enable this solution through Prebid.js and header bidding solutions.

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Increase your eCPMs

ATS helps you recognise known users on site in real time to enable data-informed targeting and increase the value of your inventory. By doing so, you’ll be able to unlock new revenue streams with enhanced direct, PMP, and open-marketplace targeting on identity-enriched ad inventory.

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The Opportunity for Brands


Protect core marketing capabilities without cookies

Data-driven marketing continues to be essential to grow businesses and improve customer experiences. Once cookies are deprecated as an identifier, core capabilities you leverage today will break. ATS, a component of our broader identity infrastructure, ensures key marketing capabilities in a cookieless world.


Gain insights to strengthen relationships with consumers

ATS enables you to capture, store, and unify data using an omnichannel identifier, RampID, across all your owned and operated properties. Work with your existing data management platform (DMP) or employ LiveRamp Safe Haven to gain insights on site visitors and deliver more personalised marketing experiences across all consumer touch points.


Transparent and accurate media attribution

Understand the effectiveness of your media investments by tying ad exposures to on-site lower funnel activities and conversions—both online and offline. ATS allows you to capture consumer behaviour across your owned and operated properties, as well as your open internet media buy to understand how your media investments deliver desired business outcomes.


Deliver more impactful ad and on-site experiences

Deliver personalised, relevant messages that strengthen your relationship with consumers to drive desired business outcomes. ATS enables you to retarget consumers with the right message at the right time or tailor their on-site experience to increase relevance.

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