Security and Privacy

Committed to Data Ethics. Serious About Security.

As part of our data ethics programme, we check that data is collected with appropriate permissions and protected with the right controls, and that every use of that data is evaluated. We do this through Privacy by Design—our principle of ensuring that all products are designed and built with data protection in mind.


Data pseudonymisation

LiveRamp removes directly identifiable personal information and replaces it with pseudonymised record keys during our matching process. This means you can use data with confidence knowing that LiveRamp still treats the pseudonymised data as personal data.


Secure data environment

LiveRamp operates within a Safe Haven® environment and automatically applies the data protection requirements – memory translation, data centre controls, and hands-off processing–for each supported use case and workflow. 


Industry-leading standards

LiveRamp’s data ethics programme is comprehensive and includes adherence to industry and self-regulatory standards of data collection, use, and protection. We are also members of self-regulatory organisations, the EDAA and the IAB.


Transparency and control

To meet consumers’ needs for control over their data, we offer a direct way to opt-out of our services and the EDAA’s YourOnlineChoices choice mechanisms. Additionally, we require that our match partners and offline data partners provide individuals with information about their data collection and sharing practices and an effective means to opt-out of data distribution. 


Model for accountability

LiveRamp policies are supported by an in-house data ethics and security team that performs frequent privacy impact assessments on our clients, partners and vendors. We also require every employee to undergo annual privacy and security training.


Certified Safe Haven® environment for trusted, automatic protection


In-memory pseudonymisation to prevent reverse-engineering


24x7x365, state-of-the-art physical data centre controls


Multi-layered security, including biometrics, surveillance, and monitoring


Hands-off processing to limit human error

How Security and Data Ethics Benefit Your Business

Protect Your Customers and Brand

People do business with brands they trust. Our culture of accountability and data stewardship capabilities put the right data governance and protections in place, so you have the confidence to deliver meaningful experiences.

Designed with Data Ethics In Mind

LiveRamp monitors the data policy landscape in all of the jurisdictions where we operate. Our data ethics programme includes a combination of technical and administrative controls to effectively govern data ingestion and activation.

Prepared for the Future

We work to detect and prevent uses of data that are neither just nor fair to the consumer, and ensure that legitimate uses of data create value for all stakeholders. Additionally, we consider the potential complications of increasingly advanced uses of data to ensure future preparedness.

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