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Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution is a multi-touch measurement partner that was an early adopter of people-based data sets. Marketing Evolution helps marketers increase ROI with its analytics and media buying platform. The patented cross-media approach is better than digital-only attribution because it finds the synergies between media channels, and it’s better than transaction-oriented mix modeling because it is customer-centric: bigger data on individual messages and media placements to deliver on ROI in real time.

By integrating LiveRamp IdentityLink into Marketing Evolution’s offering, marketers can easily create an incredibly robust data set for analysis that pairs things like sales data, digital and traditional media exposure data, programmatic segmentation data, demographics, and attitudinal brand perception data in one place, so that all of those touch points can be used to track the path to purchase based on media exposure amongst their most likely prospects and customers.

iWe offer a range of distribution and destination capabilities to enable activation, measurement, insights, and reporting. These partner categories have been assigned to a certification program, which are audited on a bi-annual basis.


Region Served


Certification Level
iWe offer three distinct certification levels for partners that meet the criteria for each category specific program. Integrate, Select, and Elite levels are awarded based on the impact the partner has demonstrated with our existing customers.


Partner Certification
iOur certification program is designed to showcase valued partners across our ecosystem and help marketers discover which platforms will be a good fit for their unique business and marketing objectives. To learn more, visit our blog: https://liveramp.com/blog/partner-certification-program/



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