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Product differentiation is hard to achieve when every technology company is looking to be a marketer’s must buy. Give your company a competitive edge with our product development suite, which enables you to build the solutions your audiences need.


Unify known and anonymous data

LiveRamp’s platform is built on the world’s largest open identity graph. With around 45 million identified UK individuals across a wide range of mobile, display and other devices and identifiers, our graph is the most comprehensive switchboard for the online and offline worlds. We have architected and built the only open and deterministic identity offering that can translate between different ID spaces, while maintaining privacy and permissioning standards.

Identity Graph

Data works best when widely accessible

We work with an extensive network of brands, agencies, technology providers, publishers, and data providers. We are the neutral platform for marketers and the partners that support them to onboard their customer data and connect their marketing strategy to campaign execution. Strength your solution by connecting to your customers’ other partners.

Build identity into your products

Powered by LiveRamp, identity resolution technology makes better marketing possible for your customers. With this functionality ingrained in your platform, you can focus on differentiating your products through innovation.

Make Privacy & Regulatory Compliance Your Priority

We believe consumers should be informed and have meaningful controls over how their data is used across every touchpoint, consistently. Our IdentityLink identifier allows you to analyse offline and digital data together, ensuring you get the complete information you need to build an informed opinion, while also ensuring your customer data is safe.   

Given the intense scrutiny of consumer privacy and use of data, companies can feel comfortable working with LiveRamp knowing that we build privacy by design into our systems.

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