A Privacy-First Business Model

LiveRamp helps you navigate and prepare for data privacy compliance while still building a sustainable business model. You can now foster transparency with your customers by allowing them to engage with your content in a privacy-conscious manner.


Manage consumer preferences and consent

LiveRamp Privacy Manager facilitates compliance for CCPA and GDPR with a simple single solution. Ensure you are fully prepared as new laws are passed and existing rulings are updated. Our platform provides enterprise-grade tools and capabilities necessary for you to achieve and maintain compliance through evolving regulations.

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Increase yield

Audience monetisation has become more challenging in the face of third-party cookie restrictions. Our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) enables site visitors to authenticate their identity, creating first-party audiences that you can then monetise. We’ve partnered with leading exchanges to enable this solution through Prebid.js and proprietary header bidding solutions.

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Enhanced value

Increase the richness of your first-party audiences and monetise through LiveRamp to enhance the value of your premium inventory.


People-based reach

Increase demand for your audiences by enabling advertisers to buy against people—not devices—as they do on major consumer platforms. LiveRamp’s end-to-end addressability solution recognises users on your websites and matches them with privacy-protected, people-based IDs, allowing advertisers to leverage people-based targeting and measurement for more efficient programmatic investments.

Make Privacy & Regulatory Compliance Your Priority

We believe consumers need to be informed and have control over how their data is used across every touch point consistently. With LiveRamp’s platform, drive transparency and consumer control across the data ecosystem and protect your audiences by ensuring ethical data usage.

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Identity Resolution: Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)

Privacy Manager

Want to increase audience engagement?

We make privacy a priority, helping you monetise beyond cookies.