Television’s Advertising Revolution

Expand your suite of advertising capabilities and add revenue streams with a crystal-clear picture of your viewers.

Optimise Your Marketing Impact Across Channels and Audiences


Help brands cut through the static

LiveRamp gives you the power to connect fragmented identities across channels by resolving customer data, TV viewership and third-party data to a single identity. We make it easy for you to work with advertisers who want to maximise the potential of their first-, second-, and third-party data sets to target high-value audiences.


Monetise your audiences on-demand

Sell your own valuable audience data, such as viewing behaviors, for activation across channels in a privacy-compliant manner in our data marketplace. Get exposure to the many brands and agencies looking for unique segments.


Turn up the volume on your revenue

You’ve worked hard to attract viewers and build a captive, engaged audience. With the LiveRamp platform you will maximise the value of your media. Whether it’s planning, activation, bidding, or measuring ROI, easily infuse valuable data into each step of the advertising process.


Connect with your partners

We’re connected to all the addressable TV media providers, and more CTV and OTT media partners than any other platform. With our robust network of partners, it’s never been easier to safely resolve and distribute data with your partners to bring cutting-edge solutions to market.

Have Privacy Peace of Mind

TV audiences aren’t just consumers. They’re us. That’s why respecting and protecting consumer privacy comes first. Our clear opt-out process, application of anonymous identifiers via the LiveRamp Safe Haven® and industry-leading security procedures ensure everyone’s data—including yours—is safeguarded.