Why LiveRamp?

Why LiveRamp?

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Why LiveRamp?

We help hundreds of brands connect their customer data to more than 100 digital marketing applications and media platforms. Here’s how our process works and what sets us apart.

  • Secure Upload

    Secure Upload

    You can use our self-service dashboard to securely import your customer data files in virtually any format, or you can upload data files via SFTP.

    We onboard billions of records each month. Our service was built for scale and easily handles large files with hundreds of millions of rows.

  • Anonymisation


    We anonymise your customer data files, remove all personally identifiable information (PII) and keep your data separate from other clients. Our process connects your customer data to your digital marketing applications in a way that protects consumer privacy.

    To ensure we stay at the forefront of industry regulations and best practices, we employ a team of privacy experts and actively work with major self-regulatory privacy organisations including NAI, IAB and DMA.

    Learn more about Privacy
  • Data Matching

    Data Matching

    After your data has been anonymised, we match your customer records to online devices and digital IDs. We can match your anonymised data to browser cookies, mobile device IDs, set top boxes, social network accounts and more.

    To deliver the highest levels of accuracy, our service is based on one-to-one exact matching. Match rates typically fall between 30 and 55 percent. Find out how much data we can match for you.

  • Distribution


    Once we match your data records, we activate your data for use by delivering data segments to your choice of marketing applications and media platforms.

    With more than 100 partners, we offer the broadest set of integrations in the market, giving you the flexibility to build your own marketing stack with your preferred technologies. New integrations are added on request.