The Opportunity for Publishers

ATS works directly with publishers, helping them to monetise and regain control over their data sets, in turn unlocking brand new revenue streams.

All at no additional cost.

  • Get ready for when third party cookies disappear
  • Increase the value of your inventory
  • Improve addressability
  • Build a better, more open Internet

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Build a Better Internet with ATS

The end of traditional third-party cookies is an opportunity to build a new trusted ecosystem. At LiveRamp, we’re committed to rebuilding a better, open internet that places privacy, transparency and people front and centre. 

At the heart of every publisher is their audience. Through ATS, publishers have the opportunity to build a people-first ecosystem that puts its audience back in control of how their personal information is used. LiveRamp’s privacy-first design ensures that publishers can build trusted consumer relationships and simultaneously store ‘consent-provided’ data from their readers and viewers.

Find New Revenue Streams with ATS

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) supports publishers to unlock new revenue streams. With traditional third-party cookies on their way out, publishers have the opportunity to gain more verified and authenticated first-party data. This data is valuable for marketers as they look to maximise their own ad revenue and addressable inventories, as for the first time, publishers can benefit from budgets that would have previously been spent in walled gardens. 

Carrefour Links

Through ATS, publishers can participate in campaigns run by  global CPGs in collaboration with Carrefour Links, the global retailers’ media and performance platform. This partnership between LiveRamp and Carrefour powers secure data collaboration and analytics providing enhanced customer experience and personalisation solutions, whilst offering publishers the opportunity to participate in campaigns through the Links programme. 

The platform also includes Carrefour’s broader partner ecosystem, across nine markets internationally (France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan). This ecosystem includes CPG brands and suppliers, third-party data providers and TV. 

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