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Use of cookies and protection of your personal data

Thank you for visiting the Privacy and cookie Policy of LiveRamp Inc (“LiveRamp”), whose registered address is at 225 Bush Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 (USA). This Policy relates to cookies set and data collected for use in our products and services. LiveRamp provides products and services to its clients which contain personal data.

LiveRamp respects your privacy. The purpose of this policy is to explain how we collect, use and protect your personal data, as well as the ways in which you can make informed choices. We are committed to complying with the applicable regulation and the laws and guidance that implement it.

Personal data legally means any information that can directly or indirectly identify an individual.

1. Our technology – our cookies

LiveRamp cookies are dropped on your browser when you open an email or visit one of our partners’ websites. LiveRamp collects a version of your email address which has been encrypted in an irreversible process which allows us to create a technical ID matched with the cookies. By dropping these cookies, certain technical information can also be collected (such as your IP address or your type of browser or operating system type). These cookies do not track your navigation. You can refuse these cookies at any time and easily by clicking on the opt-out cookie below.

LiveRamp is responsible for processing cookies (and other related data) that are collected from our partners. The latter operate websites and mobile applications through which LiveRamp cookies are dropped. These cookies are used in LiveRamp’s products and services.

The LiveRamp cookies are used to offer you or enable our clients to offer you targeted advertising, to conduct analyses and to measure the performance of these advertisements for marketing purposes. For example, our clients can display an advert on your browser based on your navigation or your consumer habits.

To learn more about how our cookies work, click here.

We only use cookies for our products and services that have been dropped or refreshed within a maximum of 90 days.

A few of our partners also provide us with smart phone identifiers collected and used for advertising (Mobile Advertising ID or MAID) when you have expressed your consent beforehand on these partners’ mobile applications.

All the partners that have allowed us to collect cookies and MAIDs and related data have undergone a rigorous due diligence process, to ensure these operations are compliant with applicable law.

We also partner with marketing platforms which drop their own cookies via their network of websites.  These platforms allow us to sync our cookies with those of the platforms to collaborate on the implementation of our respective clients’ targeted advertising campaigns. To view a full list of these platform partners, click here.

2. Collection and processing of your data

The partners which allow us to drop cookies do not communicate any directly identifiable information with us but only a technical ID, created by hashing your email. This process allows for the creation of an irreversible code that is transferred to us, and thereby, allows us to pseudonymise your personal data.

When we drop cookies, we receive certain technical information which constitute personal data under applicable law, such as your IP address and your type of browser or operating system type.

We use this data to create a unified marketing vision of individuals. This allows us in particular to link cookies from different devices and MAIDs to one individual to avoid duplicating adverts. This allows our clients to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

In order to do this, we apply an irreversible encryption process to that data and create a pseudonymous ID. We then match these IDs with the information we have collected about you through our cookies.

In this way, LiveRamp only uses de-identified and pseudonymised data in its services and products.

When we find matches, we link our client’s data to our cookies and MAIDs to allow them to target you in the digital advertising landscape based on your consumer profile. In this way advertisers can offer you adverts that is in line with your purchasing habits.

These consumer profiles are not created based on your navigation history but on the information collected by our clients and partners in compliance with the GDPR (the European regulation on data protection) and our own internal policy.

Purpose and lawfulness of the processing

LiveRamp and its clients process personal data to:

  • connect and link your data to other marketing and advertising databases and platforms
  • enable our clients to offer you relevant online marketing communications
  • to market our products and services
  • develop and test new products
  • improve clients’ customer relations

We drop cookies and collect and process MAIDs on the basis of consent, in accordance with applicable law. LiveRamp processes all other personal data on the basis of legitimate interest.

Retention Period

LiveRamp only uses de-identified and pseudonymised personal data. We retain this data for the length of time necessary for the creation of digital matches and for the provision of our services and products, in accordance with applicable law.

3. Your consent

When you navigate our partner websites or mobile applications or when you open one of their emails, a notice should appear informing you of the drop of cookies and your options relating to them. This notice should also include a link towards more substantive privacy page. This page should specifically mention third party cookies and include a link towards LiveRamp’s cookie policy.

For more information about our opt out process, please click here.

You can also refuse cookies by opting out below:


4. Transfers

The personal data used in LiveRamp’s products and services may be shared and used by LiveRamp’s companies throughout the world, in accordance with applicable laws. LiveRamp Inc is certified under the Privacy Shield, a self-certification mechanism for US companies that has been recognised by the European Commission as offering an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred by a European entity to one established in the US.

We will only share personal data outside LiveRamp with (a) LiveRamp’s clients and (b) commercial partners that process personal data on our behalf and our clients, and their sub-processors. When we do so, we ensure that appropriate contractual measures have been put in place. These partners may be based in the UK or abroad.

LiveRamp may also share personal data to comply with  statutory provisions or legal proceedings.

5. Individuals’ rights

Individuals may request access to, deletion or correction of their personal data, or restrict, object to or limit the use of their data by writing to us at any time. Alternatively you can email

You have the right to complain about LiveRamp’s processing of your personal data by contacting the relevant regulatory authority.

6. Memberships





Changes to our Privacy Policy

LiveRamp reserves the right to update and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time to take into account legislative and other developments. Any changes we may make to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page and contain an “effective date” reflecting when the last changes occurred.


Effective date: May 2018