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People of LiveRamp – Get to know our Engineers!

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LiveRamp is a company built on the following core values. We believe in our own exceptionalism. We don’t aspire to be good or even great–we hustle to be the absolute best in all we do. We hire exceptional people, challenge them to accomplish exceptional things, and win exceptional results for our customers. We do this through six guiding principles:

    • Above all, we do what’s right.

We see the world through the lens of our customers and do what’s best for them. We embrace debate in the search for truth. We prioritize long-term value over personal ambitions.

    • We love our customers.

Our customers are our reason for being. We seek to understand the world first through their eyes, recognizing that their success means our success. What does winning mean to our customers? What keeps them up at night? And how can we help? These are the essential questions we are maniacally focused on solving.

    • We say what we mean, and do what we say.

We shoot straight and combine candor with kindness. And we hold ourselves accountable for setting and achieving big, scary goals.

    • We empower people.

We believe that people perform best when given power and freedom, and respect the judgment of those closest to the work. We trust our people to do the right thing and avoid unnecessary rules and bureaucracy.

    • We respect people and respect time.

We believe that exceptional results are achieved by exceptional people. And we believe that exceptional people possess high character in addition to high intellect–no tolerance for selfishness. We also respect time (both ours and our customers’) by automating and optimizing wherever possible.

    • We get stuff done.

We prioritize progress over perfection. We give grace for errors of action, provided we learn and get better. We always surface our challenges: bad news travels faster than good news.

These values resonate throughout the company, and especially with our employees. We often get asked by potential employees and new grads: “What it’s like working at LiveRamp?” and “What type of people work here?”

Get to know our engineers and developers through our “People of LiveRamp” series. We sat down with a sampling of our team to talk to them about their experience at LiveRamp, what brough them to work here, as well as where they see LiveRamp heading in the future. Check out the videos below:

Check back here for updated videos. After watching, if LiveRamp sounds like a team you’d like to join, we’d love to have you! Check out our current job openings.