Power strategic advertising decisions with cross-screen measurement and analytics

Unlock previously inaccessible data across all forms of advertising—TV, CTV, social media platforms, publishers, and programmatic. Mitigate signal loss, and reveal the hidden insights that fuel growth.

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Optimise the customer experience – and your media spend with cross-screen measurement and analytics

Access holistic performance data across your media portfolio

Eliminate fragmentation across data sets, environments, partners, and reporting—all the data you need, all in one place.

Prove and improve investment decisions

Clearly tie media exposure to conversion data to account for every media dollar. Drive effective decision-making.

Accelerate growth with new insights and partnerships

Build more valuable strategic relationships with publishers and brands — and understand consumer needs more deeply.

Working with LiveRamp has enabled British Gas to unlock a huge amount of utility from our first party data. Our improved match rates into key platforms and by using a third party, independent and privacy first platform in SafeHaven, we have been able to identify existing customers who are needlessly receiving ads from us, remove them and drive the significant efficiency being made back into our targeted audience investments.

Sam Taylor Head of Performance Marketing, British Gas

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Optimising media performance

The UK’s ultimate beauty shop LOOKFANTASTIC drove a higher return on investment and incremental growth through optimisation strategy.

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Rebuilding consumer analytics for global engagement

Kimberly-Clark’s post-cookie activation, audience modelling, and omni-channel measurement proved rich with cost savings through data workflow standardisation, and identifying new ways to licence data assets directly into LiveRamp’s Safe Haven platform.

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British Gas

Smarter use of data

British Gas improved creative relevance and tighter targeting of customer acquisition, allowing them a reinvestment of 10% of media budget.

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