Unlock the brand-building power of commerce media networks

For brands with rich first-party data, LiveRamp is your go-to partner for building a high-performing commerce media network that protects consumer trust and strengthens partnerships while fueling growth.

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Your unique data can drive growth with a high-performing commerce media network

A better customer experience

With clearer insights into who your customers are and what they care about, you can deliver delightful new experiences and offers that deepen loyalty.

Explore the future of data collaboration in retail

Stronger partnerships

Power secure, privacy-centric data collaborations with your partners and prove out end to end performance with closed-loop measurement across every touchpoint.

See how Boots is upleveling its partnerships

New revenue

Increase store and site traffic to boost sales, secure incremental ad revenue, and effectively monetise your data while ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

The thing Boots Media Group is realising is that there’s so much we can do, but we need partners. We can’t do everything. We haven’t got all the expertise. So we need partners like LiveRamp because they do something we can’t do, and they do it brilliantly.

Pete Markey CMO, Boots UK