Measure Campaigns Across Walled Gardens, Channels, and Clouds

Third-party cookies are crumbling, data privacy laws and consumer opt-outs are spreading, and the customer insights you need are siloed inside walled gardens and other channels. How can you turn the threat of signal loss into an opportunity? Meet the LiveRamp Clean Room, powered by Habu.

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Improve your ROAS by integrating, analysing, and activating data across platforms

Expand your audience

Gain a holistic view of performance data across all advertising channels – walled gardens, CTV providers, and social platforms – to drive strategic decisions with a complete dataset.

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Supercharge your ecosystem – and campaigns

Drive privacy-centric data collaboration across the ever-growing LiveRamp global ecosystem, unlocking new opportunities while propelling campaigns forward.

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Meet the needs of all users (tech-savvy or not)

Accelerate time to value with a tailored user experience for business users via prebuilt templates and gen AI – while offering advanced analytic capabilities for more technical users.

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The ability to effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources has allowed us to unlock insights and identify trends that were previously hidden in silos. As a result, we have enhanced our measurement capabilities, enabling us to make informed decisions that drive business growth.

Devin McGuire Manager of Global Performance Marketing, ASICS