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Remove common barriers to data management and measurement to gain more valuable insights and make better decisions.

Connect siloed data

Without requiring data to be moved or copied, we connect your disparate data so you can focus on what you do best—delivering better customer intelligence across the enterprise.

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Clean, enriched data sets

Empower marketers to build higher performing segments through access to a vetted marketplace of privacy-compliant data.

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"As we mature as an organisation that is basing multiple decisions on data, we have our own lifecycle and LiveRamp is part of that lifecycle. It’s easy to relate to how many intermediate steps are involved until we get to the right segment that we believe we should go after in our marketing efforts."
AMC Networks logo Vitaly Tsivin, EVP,
Business Intelligence,
AMC Networks

Eliminate dropoff

Connect data across identity systems to single RampIDs to gain a more complete picture of your customers and maximise reach.

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Accurately measure any outcome

Build and maintain a more holistic view of an individual, household or account to prove ROI, increase efficiency, and drive the outcomes that matter to you.

Miguel Campo, SVP of data science and analytics at 20th Century Fox, explains how LiveRamp is embedded into its entire release process—from the time the trailer drops to the film's post-release—in order to measure the results of its people-based marketing and course correct as needed.
Miguel Campo, SVP, Data Science & Analytics, 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox logo
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