The LiveRamp Platform: This is how you do
data collaboration

Meet the platform that addresses your data collaboration needs today and powers the breakthrough insights of tomorrow.

The LiveRamp Data Collaboration Platform

If you can dream it, LiveRamp will help you do it. From doing more with first-party data to driving closed-loop measurement to shoring up your enterprise identity strategy, the LiveRamp Data Collaboration Platform supports every data collaboration use case you can imagine. Solve for what’s needed now – stay in control of your future.

Unlock the full capabilities of data collaboration: Explore our four product portfolios


Build your critical enterprise identity infrastructure, with a consistent identity framework and clear rules that protect privacy and align with your business needs. Leverage advanced identity resolution and the industry’s most robust, continuously learning knowledge base to create the most accurate, connected customer view possible.


Expand the value of your data, deepen customer understanding, and reach valuable new audiences with custom segments and lookalike modelling. Plug into LiveRamp’s dynamic marketplace for buying and selling trusted third-party data and explore unlimited opportunities for new second-party collaborations.


Discover a new world of addressability. Reach authenticated audiences at scale and deliver personalised experiences everywhere it matters — across browsers, mobile devices, and CTV — all powered by RampID, the most durable, privacy-centric identifier for connecting the digital ecosystem.


Uncover the insights that fuel innovation. Unlock powerful measurement and collaborative analytics. Support every use case and partnership you can imagine with LiveRamp’s robust clean room capabilities, with advanced permissioning and cutting-edge privacy-enhancing technologies built in.

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Cloud-first, anywhere you need

Collaborate in any cloud or across clouds – without moving your data. Build for flexibility with cloud-embedded solutions. Resolve identity in the cloud platform of your choice, including AWS, Azure, Databricks, Google, and Snowflake.

Connect Data In Your Cloud

One of the biggest reasons we felt like LiveRamp was the best solution for us is the scale. LiveRamp is one of the most robust identity solutions in the market and they go above and beyond with consent, which really aligns with our views on customer privacy. LiveRamp has hundreds of relationships with data providers, so that has really unlocked some partnerships for us.

Katie Bell Customer Data Science, McDonald’s