Statement of Neutrality

While innovation in the ecosystem continues to outpace consolidation, LiveRamp believes that our clients should be empowered to select the right partners and technology for their business to stay competitive. We purposefully take an open approach to integration, which enhances opportunities for data portability and helps fulfill our mission to provide the marketplace with a fully interoperable identity solution.

LiveRamp powers identity, connectivity and activation across the entire ecosystem, occupying a space in-between data, platforms and applications. As an impartial third-party, LiveRamp does not endorse any one organization over another, nor provide advisory services. Moreover, we believe this agnostic stance provides additional benefits beyond flexibility and choice, such as:

Neutrality equalizes the playing field. In this day and age, the ability to connect and activate data is essential to all modern enterprises, big or small. Through LiveRamp, any organization can send their data to platforms, partners and publishers in a privacy-conscious way, integrating and activating that data in order to meet predetermined business objectives. While LiveRamp provides best practices and ideas for new applications of RampID, as well as leadership in the ethical use of data, we offer neither individual nor category exclusivity. Instead, our identity services are open to all good actors who have embraced this new data-driven era.

Neutrality fosters innovation. Innovation is a process defined by the development of new insights, new products and services, and new audiences. Without data portability – the ability to move data and receive data back from partners and platforms – organizations lack the tools and information they need to innovate and compete with agility. Through our identity resolution services, LiveRamp allows clients to test, interpret results and measure on a customer-level, without bias. Our growing partner program of approximately 600 technology platforms, agencies and data providers makes it easier for our clients to find, evaluate and engage a variety of pre-vetted agents. Lastly, our neutral stance allows companies from any industry to build innovative products on top of LiveRamp’s identity graph to facilitate experimentation and develop new applications that drive value and growth.

Neutrality improves operational standards. Standardization creates transparency, and transparency builds trust. All organizations working with LiveRamp are held up to the same operational standards and are required to provide details about the sourcing of their data, the intended use of data and undergo an audit of data governance policies. Leveraging these universal guidelines and mechanisms to weed out bad actors protects both LiveRamp and the industry at large, and accelerate our clients’ decision-making processes.