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5 Ways to Get Brands On Shoppers’ Holiday Wish Lists

  • LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

It comes as no surprise that shoppers are tightening their budgets this holiday season. While searching for the perfect holiday gifts, shoppers are expected to prioritise price over brands. This is the second year that brand names have come second — last year product availability was more important amid supply chain interruptions, reported eMarketer.

As shoppers begin their holiday hunt, brands still have a chance to get on wish lists. Here are five ways marketers can ensure that consumers don’t need to search too hard for the right gift at the right price this holiday season.

1. Start with empathy 

Consumers want to trust the brands they’re buying. This includes trust in a quality product and trust in a company’s moral compass. By creating campaigns that show consumers what your brand stands for, such as Patagonia did last year with their “Give a Damn” holiday campaign, you can assure customers that their purchases represent not just a new jacket or backpack, but also their values.

2. Deliver the right product at the right time

After consumers consider shopping with your brand, they need to see products that grab their attention — do I need this? Do I want this? Who cares, I love it! Marketers can give shoppers a head start on holiday browsing when they have a clear view of what shoppers are looking for across channels. A strong media strategy incorporating first- and third-party data can enable you to reach a broader audience and boost sales.

3. Prove that you know what customers want

With a better understanding of your audiences and the channels they prefer, you can sharpen your personalisation strategies and optimise campaigns on the fly. Meet shoppers on their favourite platforms and streaming services to surprise and delight — who doesn’t want genius holiday gift ideas sent directly to them?

4. Deal or no deal

Analysts predict that the bottom line for shoppers this year will be the bottom dollar. Shoppers are looking for deals, creating an opportunity for brands and retailers to use retail media as a channel to test out new offerings and learn about changing consumer habits. It’s not too late to shift your media mix by incorporating retail media — and give execs what’s at the top of their holiday wish list: higher ROI.

5. Provide enjoyable shopper experiences

Holiday shoppers today dream of online shopping by the fireplace with a steaming cup of coffee in hand, not elbowing at dawn on Black Friday. Last year, 63% of shoppers searched for deals before Thanksgiving, and 54% of shoppers were done with holiday shopping by Cyber Monday. Your ads should reach shoppers well before finding a deal takes so long that the thrill is diminished — or worse, shoppers see a better offer post-purchase. Give your customers the gift of ease and comfort this holiday season by making gift options so accessible that shoppers can’t resist clicking “add to cart” from the couch.