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Why the time is now to embrace data collaboration for cross-screen measurement and analytics

  • Tara Franceschini
  • 3 min read

TV viewership across all screens and streams reached an all-time high last year. As such, the market continues to shift, favouring those who continue to uplevel their data-driven strategies, and stay abreast of the latest industry innovations. Today, we want to double-click into one of those innovative strategies unlocking new possibilities: data collaboration.

Data collaboration is something the entire ecosystem needs to think about in order to unlock deeper and more valuable levels of insight and partnership. For measurement in particular, driven by changes in media consumption and delivery, existing means of measuring media performance – such as exclusively relying on legacy TV panels – fail to provide brands, agencies, and publishers an adequate and holistic understanding of both media delivery and effectiveness.

Meeting market demand

Cross-screen measurement is one of the key areas for publishers and advertisers to navigate in this new era, which will empower dynamic media leaders to generate the best business strategies for the future.

The TV market’s evolution into a multi-currency game has created a slew of new variables for everyone to consider. With both buy and sell side starting to experiment and standardise, new providers and data sets have emerged, and everyone must be able to align in order to achieve their goals.

The sell side needs to prepare and be able to meet all of their advertisers wherever they are on this cross-screen measurement and analytics journey. When publishers can be agile, configurable, and accept all of the market demand wherever they may be, they can truly maximise yield, expand on partnerships, and boost sales. Investing in a spectrum of cross-screen measurement solutions, including data collaboration, will only help continue this momentum and growth.

Enabling control

Data collaboration helps underpin transactions: no matter the desired metrics, data collaboration helps ensure better measurement, in turn ensuring accountability and advanced insights across inventory.

By enabling media companies to get a cross-screen view of their inventory and their performance, it empowers them to prioritise and price inventory correctly in order to drive the best results for their business, and to negotiate and enable advertisers to make decisions based on data.

As companies look to navigate the cross-screen measurement landscape, unlocking a cross-screen view gives buyers control and transparency. Via informed decision making and prioritisation, buyers can feel more confident with TV playing a bigger part in their plans.

Maximising yield

Data collaboration for cross-screen measurement and analytics enables companies to achieve the results they’re looking for. Being able to operate cross-screen and manage all inventory enables companies to balance their books and correctly price out inventory in order to track revenue from different streams like linear versus streaming.

By offering measurement that enables insight into any audience, and any conversion event – online or offline, on any screen today – advertisers can adjust strategies to maximise their campaigns and drive results. With these changes driving the market, the concept of transacting off a clean room, and using data collaboration to negotiate and transact off, is gaining momentum, because the industry recognises the need to transact wherever the data may live. The market demands cross-screen measurement.

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