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How Identity Resolution powers multi-channel attribution modelling

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As we’ve previously discussed, simple attribution models, such as ‘last click’ and ‘first click’ attribution, often leave a lot to be desired. They can create a skewed perspective of exactly what’s working and across which channels. And even though online channels can be more easily connected, they often lack clarity when it comes to attributing online actions to offline success.

The omnichannel customer journey is an increasingly complex picture that is hard to track. This is where Identity Resolution steps in.

Here’s how Identity Resolution and data onboarding can dramatically improve your multi-channel attribution modelling.

An holistic attribution model

The idea is simple: Data onboarding connects your first-party data across all your marketing apps, platforms and channels – both offline and online. From here you can create holistic attribution models to show which of your marketing activities are really working.

Fully connected

When you connect all your consumer data, you can start to do real People-based Measurement – rather than channel-based or device-based measurement. You can connect your ad retargeting activities to your email platform. And if someone sees an ad on their smartphone, then switches to a tablet to make the purchase – you can see that.

All this – without breaching any cookie protocols or sharing any personally identifiable information.

By now, you’re probably feeling what hundreds of the world’s most sophisticated marketers already know: this is huge.

Identity Resolution and enlightened attribution

At a high level, Identity Resolution lets you connect all the dots in your omnichannel marketing activity by resolving every interaction to a real person. From here you can see that people in Segment A saw ads 6, 7 and 9 online and were twice as likely to buy products A, B and C offline. You’ll know that more people from Segment B visited your website, watched your video, then went on to buy Product Z. You can attribute that Segment C is far more likely to click through from a PPC ad and ended up buying a car.

The benefits of identity resolution

In short, Identity Resolution helps marketers measure more accurately and more holistically. It helps to:

  • Build more accurate attribution models
  • Optimise your budgets to increase marketing efficiency
  • Give the digital team credit for ALL the sales they drive, not just online sales
  • Connect EVERY silo, not just across the offline-to-online

These are major benefits for any marketing team that’s serious about increasing performance.

If attribution models matter, Identity Resolution matters

Marketing has never been so measurable. At the same time, it’s never been so hard to connect all these siloed metrics into one, comprehensive multi-channel attribution model.

Identity Resolution gives you the ability to connect your different marketing applications and channels together, so you can see what’s really driving revenue.

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