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How to maximise TV inventory value for stronger reach, lift, and monetisation

  • Tara Franceschini
  • 2 min read

Personalised cross-screen inventory is one of the most valuable assets for growing your brand and your business. And creating data collaboration partnerships that push the end-user experience and brand relationships beyond the boundaries of traditional linear and CTV has never been more important.

Committed to data

As data becomes a more critical part of companies’ customer strategies, the TV ecosystem stands to benefit immensely. From better audience insights, to creating omni-channel customer views, and better measurement and optimisation throughout, the potential is limitless.

During a recent LiveRamp webinar, Paramount outlined how the company has put data at the core of everything it does, from planning, to activation, optimisation, and measurement. Historically, Paramount has used data to build and optimise media campaigns, and now, by leveraging an identity spine, the company is able to unlock an omni-channel view of consumers with broader reach and people-based marketing. Using LiveRamp’s interoperable identity framework has enabled Paramount to not only connect more data across its organisation, but enable connectivity with other high-quality identifiers in the ecosystem. With this holistic approach, Paramount can then amplify the scale and value of its insights by engaging in data collaboration with partners such as Circana.

Connecting data to real-world outcomes

Just as data and identity can power better audiences and targeting than ever before, it can also tie campaigns to real-world outcomes. For instance, Paramount works to ensure the highest fidelity of its data by prioritising direct connections with clients and partners that marry rich data sets together in a privacy-conscious way, in turn delivering the most accurate understanding of individuals and households.

Partners like Circana can further extend this data fidelity by layering on their speed, superior coverage, and accuracy that are further enhanced by LiveRamp’s identity resolution and privacy protections. With robust insight into household-level insights including purchase behaviour, Circana is able to help Paramount create and deliver even more personalised, relevant, and effective advertising experiences for viewers. Beyond their work with Paramount, LiveRamp and Circana have a partnership that makes Circana’s data usable by brands, advertisers, and agencies for audience targeting, optimisation, and measurement solutions.

By collaborating to unlock more customer intelligence, marketers can make informed decisions to put the right offer in front of the right consumer at the right time, as well as more effectively plan and activate campaigns, optimise them in flight, and demonstrate incremental sales lift.

Moving forward

Using identity to power first-party data strategies and data collaboration is a must-have foundation for the TV ecosystem. Tomorrow’s TV ecosystem is being built on the ability to collaborate data with partners, uncover new, cross-channel insights about customers, and build strategic partnerships that power incredible customer experiences.