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LiveRamp Announces the Integration of the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) into Amazon Publisher Services (APS)

  • LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Tens of thousands of publishers using Amazon Publisher Services (APS) now have a more convenient way to connect authenticated inventory to advertiser demand globally. Through the recent integration of our services with APS Connections Marketplace—specifically our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)—publishers using APS’ cloud-based services can better connect their high-quality inventory to advertiser demand and reduce their reliance on third-party cookies and device IDs. 

The integration drives new revenue opportunities for publishers by enabling them to provide people-based addressability. Activation of ATS through APS Connections Marketplace can be done in a no-code environment with a few simple clicks, enabling publishers to reduce latency, upgrade their ad stack and optimise the user experience. APS customer support, monitoring and ongoing optimisation services are also available. 

The expanded availability and global scale of ATS means that marketers transacting on RampID will have access to a higher volume of authenticated inventory. Amazon’s header bidder, the Transparent Ad Marketplace, will support ATS and make publisher inventory more widely available to demand- and supply-side platforms, which helps unify the advertising ecosystem. This expanded liquidity of addressable inventory ensures that marketers can make every media buy accountable, addressable, more performant and measurable at the person level across channels. This new integration is available globally in the U.S., UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Singapore. Availability in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina is expected later this year. 

Enhance transparency and trust with consumers

“The future of the open internet hinges on two fundamental truths: enhancing transparency and trust with consumers and providing publishers with the tools they need to maintain control over their audiences and improve yields. Our integration with APS Connections Marketplace achieves and underscores both,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, Addressability and Ecosystem, LiveRamp. “Not only do publishers get access to our proven solution via the APS Connections Marketplace, but they do so with the added confidence of knowing they will attract more advertiser dollars by prioritizing authenticated solutions that are privacy-first, consumer-first, sustainable and scalable.” 

Following today’s announcement, more than 8,000 deployed domains will have integrated ATS worldwide, including Microsoft, CafeMedia, and Leaf Group. Moreover, ATS has been adopted by 80% of the comScore top 20 and 80% of top 50 publishers. To learn more about what ATS can do for you, check out our conversation with The Washington Post.