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LiveRamp Launches Multiparty Data Collaboration for Cross-Screen Measurement

  • Kimberly Bloomston
  • 4 min read

LiveRamp has introduced a new module for privacy-centric, multiparty collaboration to unlock cross-screen measurement and more on its data collaboration platform

The new solution allows for an unprecedented balance of control for publishers and data providers, flexibility for brands and retailers, and simplified compliance for all, allowing users to navigate data requirements across partners while maintaining compliance with evolving privacy policies.

Partnering LiveRamp customers gain exclusive access to more partner datasets so all parties can increase revenue and enhance customer experiences while maintaining control over their data. More than 20 companies have worked closely with LiveRamp’s new solution over the past year, with early adopters including Ampersand, DISH Media, Snap, Inc., TelevisaUnivision, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and Pinterest with the Albertsons Media Collective

Data connectivity is mission critical

Marketing data has become fragmented across partner and data environments, making it difficult for businesses to access the holistic insights needed to truly understand their consumer identity and advertising effectiveness. The ecosystem must also balance the need to protect consumer data for compliance with all privacy, security, and regulatory controls. 

LiveRamp’s new solution addresses these challenges by providing a trusted, privacy-focused infrastructure allowing for multiparty collaboration. Partners can gather and collaborate data from various sources to unlock combined audience, media, and sales insights, offering a comprehensive view of their customer from exposure to purchase.

Brands gain access to new data sets and insights

LiveRamp’s data collaboration solution connects brands to data owners and providers in order to unlock enhanced, self-serve access to data across all sources, screens, and formats. Through this interoperability, partners gain visibility into the customer experience and marketing investment performance.

“With LiveRamp, we’ve increased the value we’re able to extract from our important publisher relationships with Dish and others. The ability to safely and securely access and analyze more data has allowed us to better understand our customers and measure the true impact of our marketing activities. We plan to build upon this success and strengthen more of our media and retail partnerships,” said Joe Keating, Analytics Director at Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Media and data owners maintain transparency and control 

For publishers and other data owners, LiveRamp’s new solution offers a safe and easy path to strengthen partnerships through privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) that make data permissioning configurable by brand, campaign, dataset, and use case. With these transparent privacy controls, publishers can mitigate the impacts of ongoing browser and regulatory restrictions while providing marketers with more granular campaign insights, creating an opportunity for higher media commitments from brand partners and increased revenue growth. 

“LiveRamp’s solution unlocks further measurement in advanced TV. Brands now have access to measure deduplicated reach across their entire TV investment, all with privacy compliance at its core,” said Justin Rosen, SVP Data & Insights at Ampersand. 

“We are thrilled to be among the first MVPDs to work with LiveRamp’s clean room solution. DISH Media is consistent in seeking technology, partnerships, and innovations that drive results and move advanced advertising forward,” said Kemal Bokhari, Head of Data, Measurement, and Analytics at DISH Media.

“Increasing data collaboration activities with our advertisers is a key priority for Snap as we continue strengthening the value we deliver to partners. Solutions like those provided by LiveRamp can aid us in successfully meeting this demand while ensuring privacy protection and data minimization,” said Christopher Plambeck, Vice President of Marketing Science at Snap, Inc.

“As more brands, agencies and publishers adopt clean room resolutions to tackle privacy challenges, it’s critical we find ways to make it more accessible to agencies and advertisers. LiveRamp helps solve this by reducing the complexity of the clean rooms through their suite of market tools in a meaningful way,” said Kent Tseng, VP Product Management, Advanced Advertising at TelevisaUnivision.

LiveRamp’s principles to data collaboration

LiveRamp’s data collaboration platform allows companies to build a secure network of partnerships and maximize the value of data. By adding new capabilities that allow for cross-screen measurement and multiparty collaboration, we’re furthering our commitment to advancing the outcomes of partnerships. LiveRamp lives by five foundational principles for successful and scalable data collaboration:

  • Connected to everyone, everywhere. RampID’s interoperability and LiveRamp’s hundreds of partner integrations ensure clients can easily and safely connect to valuable first-, second-, and third-party data across the ecosystem.
  • Neutral and interoperable. Partners can easily connect data wherever it may live—across clouds, warehouses, silos, and geographies—without needing to centralize data or invest in new infrastructure.
  • Centered on privacy. Data is pseudonymized without revealing personally identifiable information (PII) so brands can meet the strict governance standards of TV and social partners, and data owners can manage their data on their own terms, without compromise. 
  • Flexible for everyone. LiveRamp’s suite of configurable tools meets the needs of all users, from data scientists to nontechnical business users and across a wide range of enterprise needs and use cases.
  • Designed for accurate scale. People-based identity, householding, partnerships, activation, data normalization, and data hygiene are built in.

Reach out to [email protected] to learn about our multiparty collaboration for cross-screen measurement beta program today.