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People-Based Marketing for Publishers

  • 3 min read

People-based marketing is fulfilling the promise of programmatic: reaching real people in the right place at the right time. In fact, according to a study we commissioned in September 2016, 84% of advertisers surveyed want to be able to run people-based marketing, and they want to be able to do it across all their digital channels.

With publishers investing more heavily in newsletters, subscriber-only content, and even events, they are gaining more valuable first-party data. What’s been missing is the link between what publishers know and what advertisers know—a bridge between the context and the audience—and a way to activate upon that people data.

That’s why we’re excited to announce LiveRamp for Publishers.

People-based publishers

People-based marketing is all about using data to target real people wherever they are. Marketers are already doing this by onboarding their first-party data to Facebook and Google.

These people-based campaigns take advantage of the power of identity resolution to resolve first-party data back to consumers and target them based on the context of the site they’re on. When marketers can target their customers based on known attributes, they can deliver a more relevant and consistent ad experience based on that customer’s stage in their journey.

With LiveRamp, publishers can take advantage of identity resolution to offer their own custom audiences solutions, open new data monetisation opportunities, and engage in more effective audience development.

Becoming people-based

Now, publishers will be able to get in on the game by baking people-based capabilities into their offerings, deepening their relationships with brands.

LiveRamp makes it easy for advertisers to activate their own data in direct media buys, or for publishers to append theirs. With this bridge between people-based audiences and contextual marketing, marketers are one step closer to a truly omnichannel approach.

Hearst Magazines Digital Media is using LiveRamp to activate its first-party data to help advertisers reach a diverse set of audiences:

“With LiveRamp, our marketing partners are able to leverage their understanding of our audience while engaging with them in our brand-safe environment,” explains Adam Harris, VP of Data Products of Hearst Magazines Digital Media.

Monetise data effortlessly

On top of offering people-based marketing, publishers will also be able to begin monetising their first-party subscriber data through LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace.

With the Data Marketplace, publishers can upload their audiences, resolve them back to the consumer, and then, using the Data Marketplace’s tight control and security features, make that data available to buyers interested in people-based marketing.

Publishers can control where their data is activated and if they want to allow buyers to use it across the web or to inform their campaigns. LiveRamp can help monetise location data, mobile or cross-device data, authenticated web traffic, and other unique data sets.

With new data sets, marketers and publishers can deepen their relationships and move towards more optimised campaigns informed by the most accurate and relevant data.

Audience development

Publishers will also be able to use the data they’ve collected for their own audience development, much like brands are already doing. Apply email and offline data to increase reader/subscriber acquisition and retention, or aggregate first-party data across publisher networks for targeted cross-selling and promotion.

You can read the LiveRamp for Publishers press release here. Alternatively, get in touch today to get started with LiveRamp.