Connect Your Data in the Cloud

Are you reaching customers with your data?

LiveRamp helps you unlock more value from data in the cloud. Connect disparate data, measure its impact, and discover customer insights to propel your marketing strategy.

Build data infrastructure within your cloud environment

LiveRamp’s partnerships with Google Cloud, AWS, Snowflake, Databricks, and Microsoft Azure make it easy to maximize your data investment while maintaining privacy and security controls.

Build a unified view of your customer

Customer journeys can be difficult to understand and convert into actionable insights. LiveRamp’s offline/online resolution solutions consolidate and unify data sets into a single view, improving your activation, analytics, and measurement.

Activate and measure your data

Understanding your customer is the first step to driving deeper engagement and measurable results. LiveRamp enables interoperability and unlocks valuable insights within your customer data warehouse. Activate your data across hundreds of purpose-built destinations including display, search, social, and TV – all from one easy-to-use platform.

Unlock data interoperability with enhanced security

LiveRamp enables data connectivity without the need to exchange directly identifiable personal data. Seamlessly translate between identity spaces for stronger collaboration, activation, advanced analytics, and more.

Getting started with LiveRamp’s Cloud offerings

  • Establish a single source of truth for your data

    Build an identity infrastructure in your cloud environment by connecting disparate, siloed data across your organisation and creating a unified customer view that drives seamless digital experiences for your customers.

  • Measure impact for better marketing

    With signal loss on the rise, do you know if your marketing is actually working? With LiveRamp, you can measure campaigns across all programmatic, media, and walled gardens, connect data across clouds, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing at the person level.

  • Connect online and offline data to drive omnichannel experiences

    Collect and connect different data sets to deliver an omnichannel experience that’s easy to activate and measure, helping you understand exactly how and where customers interact with your brands.