Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution

Identity resolution enables marketing at the consumer level, so you can market to people-not cookies – across every channel.

What can Identity Resolution do for you?

  • Identity Resolution

    Omnichannel view

    A single customer view across every channel is the only way to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience.

  • Age

    People-Based Marketing

    With an omnichannel view, marketers can use identity resolution to target customers with truly personalised communication and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

  • Personalization

    Data monetisation

    Data owners can safely onboard data across over 500 platforms and publishers for maximum reach with full control.

How it works: The Identity Resolution process

  • Building an omnichannel view

    Upload your first-, second-, and third-party data to LiveRamp, then leverage AbiliTec® and our own identity graph to resolve all data back to the consumer.

  • Onboarding for data activation

    Once we connect all first-, second-, third-party, and contextual data, it’s time to onboard and activate your segments across any or all of your marketing platforms.

Why LiveRamp?

  • Identity Resolution

    An Identity Graph for the whole ecosystem

  • Data Security

    Worry-free privacy compliance

  • Desktop

    A self-service platform - LiveRamp Connect

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