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Consumer Data Privacy: How publishers can build consumer trust and drive revenue

  • Vihan Sharma
  • 2 min read

The advertising industry is at a crossroads. While publishers strive to deliver compelling content, the value exchange of how content is delivered has evolved. Initially, consumer subscriptions supplied the revenue, then advertising provided the revenue for free content. Consumer data privacy has come to the forefront in recent years as once again we see a shift in the publisher landscape. Consumers are increasingly aware of their rights when it comes to ownership of their digital data, and the advertising industry is evolving quickly with them.

Why Consumer data matters?

Tighter privacy regulations, browser and walled garden restrictions, as well as GDPR’s “opt in/out” privilege are designed to provide consumers with rights to privacy and choice regarding their data. Consumers have a right to be in control of their data and should be aware of how their data is used by third parties. 

Championing consumer data privacy

For publishers, this shift in the new digital landscape poses a challenge for maintaining a sustainable business model. We must create an open and collaborative ecosystem that supports the future of how readers and publishers interact, with privacy and consent at the centre. To fuel customer trust in the midst of the robust privacy regulations and browser-based cookie policies, people-based marketing needs a privacy-first, transparency solution rooted in opt-in user authentication.

At LiveRamp, we believe that we need to re-invent – even revolutionise – the programmatic ecosystem by creating a new infrastructure for marketers and publishers to interact with consumers in a privacy-conscious manner. With today’s consumers being even more aware, we need to meet their ever-evolving expectations. 

LiveRamp publisher solutions

Our latest step to help publishers reestablish a relationship with their customers is the launch of LiveRamp’s publisher solutions. Publishers can now build a direct, trusted relationship with their audience and connect that audience to relevant advertisers, all while meeting the rising bar of consumer data privacy regulation and continuing to provide free content that consumers now expect. LiveRamp’s publisher solutions unify fragmented data through privacy-conscious identifiers, eliminating dependencies on third-party cookies. They also enable publishers to gain consent and meet stringent regulatory guidance.

LiveRamp’s publisher solution allows publishers to regain ownership of one-to-one relationships with consumers and to forge a path to sustainable business models. By adopting privacy solutions, publishers can remain profitable by delivering high-quality content and building consumer trust, while readers will be able to access the content they want and make informed choices about the data they share in exchange.

The industry is shifting, and we’re here to help. LiveRamp is empowering publishers to connect with marketers and grow revenue, while providing consumers with the best possible browsing experience.

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