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Unlocking Data Collaboration to Achieve Retail Transformation: Our Journey with Carrefour

  • Vihan Sharma
  • 2 min read

Six years ago, we had a transformative meeting with Carrefour, a leading global retailer. Carrefour leadership spanning marketing, data, technology, and analytics came to us with an intriguing idea that wouldn’t just improve their marketing and market position, it would vault them into next-generation retailer status. 

To Carrefour, it wasn’t enough to understand their own customer journeys—it was equally critical to build and share this intelligence with CPG partners and suppliers to better serve millions of their shoppers around the world. LiveRamp had partnered with other large U.S. retailers in this manner, and we were excited to dive in with Carrefour and help them realise the vision for their retail media network. 

We went to work straight away to enable safe, secure data collaboration and analytics for Carrefour and its hundreds of CPG suppliers through what would soon become known as LiveRamp Safe Haven. Beginning in France, Carrefour transformed its relationship with CPGs by delivering better customer insights, activating marketing campaigns, and measuring campaign impact using their in-store data. 

Safe Haven also enabled a number of new use cases for Carrefour to collaborate more effectively across its internal groups. What began as a way to collaborate with data and optimise offers to existing customers became a robust platform for truly understanding customer needs, protecting privacy, and establishing stronger relationships across online and offline channels.

Today, we announced a trailblazing expansion of our partnership to launch its Carrefour Links platform in new markets, including Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, and Taiwan. Our partnership further unlocks new features that cater to CPGs’ different analytical needs and data maturity, including business performance and category management reporting, shopper insights, media activation, campaign measurement, and media optimisation. 

Carrefour Links also connects customer knowledge across Carrefour’s broader partner ecosystem: CPG brands and suppliers, third-party data providers, publishers, and TV. These insights enable Carrefour’s partners to continually optimise strategies to drive business performance and improve ROI, as Mondelez and Unilever shared during Carrefour’s Growth Together convention in May 2021. We were energised by the case study presentations from these leading CPGs, illustrating how Carrefour and LiveRamp are helping them better understand customers in a wholly new way to deliver better shopping experiences. 

As Carrefour shared at the RampUp Worldwide Summit 2020, “If retailers and brands want to generate growth, the prerequisite is to design a customer-centric ecosystem that rethinks the value exchange. We need to distribute new and more visible benefits to our customers: transactional benefits, stronger relationships, and new services.” 

It’s been an exciting journey, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. If you’re interested in learning more about what LiveRamp enables for retailers, email us.