Smarter use of first-party data helps British Gas
find over £1m of media budget in 1 year with Safe Haven

Improving creative relevance and improving targeting of customer acquisition campaigns.

  • £1m

    Added Value to People-Based Marketing Campaigns in 12 months

  • 33%

    Uplift in Conversion Rates

  • 10x

    Increase on Previous Identity Partner Savings

British Gas and LiveRamp have worked in partnership since mid-2021 to help the utilities company to deliver Incremental Business Performance through improved creative relevance and suppressing existing customers.

LiveRamp’s Safe Haven platform was used to improve British Gas’ addressability rates from their previous identity partner, and to remove an additional 5 million of existing customers from receiving their marketing campaigns across Search, Social & Display channels.

British Gas have 4 core products (Energy, Home Care, Boiler Installation and Hive) and utilising first-party data enabled them to tailor creative messaging to existing customers based on their current product, with the aim of increasing the number of products customers sign-up to. With the increased targeting capabilities, customers were segmented into audiences by product, and targeted with relevant product ads and offers to increase customer lifetime value. This more bespoke and relevant ad experience led to a 33% uplift in conversion rates when compared to broad audiences.

With increased 1st party data usage and improved match-rates, British Gas were able to suppress a larger number of existing customers to reduce wastage. Any budget that was not used as a result of ‘known customers’ not being targeted was then reinvested back into campaigns to help deliver incremental business performance. These audiences were connected to the core digital performance channels, across Search, Social and Display with estimated incremental added value standing in excess of £100k per month.

Analysing performance and impact, through a singular source that delivers data through one platform, allows for a more precise view on the overall impact of the data usage and investment. Within 10 months since implementing Safe Haven, analysis with British Gas’ agency Mediacom indicates that continuing at the current rate they will enable the reinvestment (and therefore added value) to be in excess of £1m annually – a 10x improvement on their previous identity partner savings. 

Working with LiveRamp has enabled British Gas to unlock a huge amount of utility from our first party data.
Our improved match rates into key platforms and by using a third party, independent and privacy first platform in SafeHaven, we have been able to identify existing customers who are needlessly receiving ads from us, remove them and drive the significant efficiency being made back into our targeted audience investments.
We are currently at the beginner stage of maturity, so the scope for growth and the trajectory is huge. With the right strategies in place, we are optimistic that if we continue our work with LiveRamp, we can do much more by the end of the year. We have been impressed by the speed to value that we have been able to deliver working in partnership with LiveRamp and our agency partner. This really is the work of next generation data partnerships.
Sam Taylor
Head of Performance Marketing, British Gas


  • LiveRamp has added value in excess of £800k to British Gas’ people-based marketing campaigns through its privacy-first data collaboration platform Safe Haven. 
  • LiveRamp’s solution unlocked unique and actionable data insights, and ultimately helped the UK’s leading energy provider achieve a 33% uplift in conversion rates and a 10x increase on its previous identity partner savings. 
  • In partnership since mid-2021, LiveRamp’s Safe Haven enabled British Gas to determine the value of each individual customer and suppress those receiving not applicable advertising. 
  • British Gas consequently removed 5m customers as recipients of its marketing campaigns, significantly reducing wastage. British Gas created tailored messaging based on existing customers’ current products, with the aim of increasing multiple product uptake, by utilising first-party data across its four core products (Energy, Home Care, Boiler Installation and Hive). 
  • Within 10 months since implementing Safe Haven, the energy provider has seen an estimated incremental added value in excess of £800k. Media agency Mediacom indicates that continuing its partnership with LiveRamp at the current rate will add value over £1m per annum, a x10 improvement on their previous identity partners savings.

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