Onboarding for Measurement

Measure the impact of digital marketing on in‑store purchases and online sales

The Problem

The ROI of digital marketing is difficult to measure because consumers use multiple devices when they shop online, and the majority of purchases occur in a store.

The Solution

Onboard purchase data into your measurement and media platforms of choice to perform attribution analysis and mix optimisation.

Use Cases and Benefits

Attribution Analysis: Credit online and offline sales to digital campaigns, even when purchase behaviour spans multiple devices.

Mix Optimisation: Justify budget increases and allocate resources to the channels and campaigns that drive the most revenue.

Content Optimisation: Use A/B testing to identify the messages, offers and design that have the highest impact on sales.

Site Analytics: Gain insight into how different audience segments experience your website.

The Process

LiveRamp Connect anonymises and then matches your data to online devices and digital IDs through a secure, automated process that protects consumer privacy.

Data segments are then distributed to your preferred measurement applications and media platforms for closed-loop analysis with campaign exposure data.

Key Features

  • Integrations with more than 100 marketing applications and media platforms
  • 1-to-1 exact matching on your file
  • 30 – 55 percent match rates
  • Advanced security and privacy compliant matching
  • More than 5 billion records onboarded per month

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