A holiday park brand drives incremental revenue
and higher customer spend

Through safe data collaboration and data-driven optimisation, this holiday park brand attracted 2.2k new customers and achieved £19.87 iROAS

  • £3.4m

    Incremental customer revenue over campaign

  • £19.87

    Incremental Return on Advertising Spend

  • 6%

    Higher average customer spend for existing customers


This holiday park brand has been one of the UK’s favourite short-break destinations for the last 30 years. They have a history of providing fun for all the family, whilst giving people the opportunity to take a relaxing, outdoorsy holiday, making it one of the most well known tourist destinations within the UK.

The UK domestic tourism market is estimated to be worth £87.3bn in 2023, and recent Visit Britain research shows that 36% of the UK population are more likely to choose a trip in the UK than overseas. With January one of the most popular months for Brits to book holidays, travel provider companies compete aggressively for top of mind awareness, attention and ultimately conversion, therefore a large proportion of media spend is allocated for January sales. 

However, holidays are rarely a decision taken in isolation. Not only is there a challenge of grabbing attention over and above all the travel providers offering inspiration to a myriad of wonderful destinations, but the whole family has to agree. Therefore the likelihood of ad exposure to conversion is much lower than other types of purchases, therefore this brand needed not a campaign that reached customers at every stage along the purchase decision journey, but also one that could be measured at every stage.


This holiday park brand worked with LiveRamp to engage the ‘Peak Booking’ audience. They wanted to bring the valuable insight that LiveRamp can deliver across the entirety of the long purchase cycle. As holidays are usually family decisions they are a long and considered purchase, the brand wanted to ensure they had the full understanding of measurement from their TV, Digital and Social campaigns at every point, thereby allowing for more effective optimisation and retargeting along the entire campaign window. 

Marketing objectives were;

  • Create uplift in incremental revenue (sales lift)
  • Achieve high campaign ROAS
  • Attract both existing and new customers 
  • Upsell customer spend towards the higher end rooms / huts / lodges


Using LiveRamp’s data clean room platform, Safe Haven, the brand was able to structure their data to focus on reaching, engaging, converting and upselling to two key groups by taking actions to;

  1. Onboard existing CRM audiences into Safe Haven, and then create lookalikes of those people across social and connected TV
  2. Upload Experian Data Sets through LiveRamp Safe Haven platform to understand and target the ‘top most likely customers’ across media, through existing pre-set audience definitions

The campaign ran for a period of 9 weeks, from 19th December to 19th February.


The data-driven campaign was a huge success! By combining data sets safely and optimising campaigns through insight uncovered through LiveRamp’s platform, the holiday park brand was able to fully utilise media tactics to reach audiences across social media and connected TV, and to drive higher conversions and increase customer spend.

Moreover, by working with LiveRamp, the brand were able to understand the entire customer journey from first exposure to conversion, and to retarget optimised media to be there for them throughout the consideration period. 

Overall the campaign drove;

  • An incremental customer spend of £3.4 million 
  • An incremental return on advertising spend (iROAS) of £19.87
  • A total sales lift of 13.55% from;
    • 4.36% being new customers 
    • 8.81% existing customer upsell via a 9.71% average transaction value increase 
  • Incremental customers figures of;  
    • CRM and lookalike audiences = additional 0.8k customers spending 6% more on average
    • Experian = additional 1.4k customers

*incremental customers = customers who haven’t booked since 2019, or new to holiday park base

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