Why Use Identity Management Solutions

LiveRamp’s identity foundation resolves consumer touch-points across devices, channels and platforms, allowing you to deliver the omnichannel experiences brands are asking for.

How to Create the Identity Platform You Need

Marketing technology companies need to provide advertisers with tools to identify audiences for their targeting and measurement objectives. Media fragmentation creates more opportunities for brands, but greater responsibility for their partners to connect the dots behind the data.


Incorporate offline data for true insights

Know more about your customers by onboarding offline data—such as customer records or transaction data—into your platform. You’ll have the advantage of deterministic match rates to ensure accurate targeting and efficient measurement.


Build identity into your platform

Identity resolution technology makes better marketing possible for your clients. With this functionality embedded in your products, you can focus on differentiating your platform through innovation.


Prioritise privacy

Managing consumer data is complex, but we have the safeguards in place for your peace of mind. We connect data in a secure and privacy-safe environment, allowing you to confidently deliver meaningful customer experiences.


Uncover one identity from multiple devices

Recognise and bid on more people with LiveRamp—a must in the multi-device era. This means your users can match unrecognised traffic to known devices and maintain robust syncs with all the major SSPs.


Bring in more data, bring in more profit

The data is out there, somewhere. The challenge is pulling it all together when you need it. You can offer exactly what marketers want with access to third-party data from more than 150+ data providers for targeting, measurement and optimisation. 

Solving Challenges for Technology Platforms

Identity Resolution

LiveRamp provides the most accurate and scaled identity results in the market. That means bringing together consumer information across devices and channels to better target, personalise and measure.

Augment User Data

Add value to your audience profiles by purchasing third-party data from our data marketplace, matching it to your ID space, and offering micro-targeted demographics to marketers. Better yet, you can also monetise your own data across hundreds of platforms.

Measure the Effect of Marketing

Know what’s working—and why—by resolving exposure and reaction data back to the individual with LiveRamp for measurement.

Add Onboarding to Your Next Native Skillset

You know data onboarding is a valuable service. Offer it to your clients as a capability by seamlessly embedding it in your UI, or resell our services to add new revenue streams.

Personalise Your Platform with LiveRamp

Get to know the people on your platform with LiveRamp, the most accurate and scalable identity graph in the market. Take advantage of resolving offline data, third-party data—including CRM and transaction data—and online data to a single identifier. The results? Better conversations with the right people at the right time. 

Seamlessly embed identity resolution directly into your UI for the industry’s highest match rates, offering marketers super-powered capabilities and giving you the competitive edge.

User matched across channels with data onboarding

Ready to give your platform an edge?

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