Build your own identity infrastructure

Making data usable is difficult and presents challenges. Businesses need a safe and secure set of solutions to effectively manage their data and better serve their customers.

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Build innovative identity capabilities

Every company uses their own identifier and customer data sources are fragmented and siloed. Identity is inconsistently represented across data sources. LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure provides application services for resolution, configuration, enhancement and ecosystem interoperability.

  • Deeper customer intelligence
  • Seamless customer experiences
  • Configurable identity strategy
  • Secure data connectivity

Configure your identity to create better customer experiences

  • Complement existing infrastructure

    Enhance your identity capabilities with solutions that complement existing technology investments. Work within any environment to build a comprehensive identity solution.

  • Choose resolution, enrichment, or translation

    Confidently configure our solutions to meet your objectives—from resolving disparate identities and enriching data sets to translating data between systems.

    These solutions work individually or in tandem to enhance and deliver the best personalised customer experience.

  • Protect your customers’ privacy

    We maintain high standards of consumer privacy and security with technology that translates customer signals of PII into tokens or pseudonymous identifiers that can be used safely across the marketing ecosystem.

  • Permissioned data collaboration

    Translate customer data into identifiers that enable partners to join insights of individuals and households. Safely enable peer-to-peer access with appropriate permissioning controls.

LiveRamp is addressing critical points along this landscape. They understand personalisation, the need to tie identities together across devices, and expand upon your audiences.
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Configure your identity to create better customer experiences

Customer Data Enrichment

Reach your customers at the most relevant touch point. We provide access to hygiene capabilities and additional signals of audience data from Data Marketplace providers to enrich your data sets.

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Real-Time Data Translation

Build connections with your partners to translate data in a fast, reliable manner. Our translation technology minimises the exchange of sensitive information between parties and is built using enterprise-grade encryption to ensure that connectivity and data is secure.

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