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Collaboration in the first-party future

  • 2 min read

Last month, LiveRamp announced a groundbreaking partnership with leading industry figures Amobee, Carbon, Comscore, Finecast, Lotame, Neustar, and PubMatic, in association with The Project X Institute, a new think tank and advisory collective for the media and advertising markets. 

LiveRamp has sought out like-minded industry leaders at a crucial time in the history of the internet. Privacy and data protection laws, anti-tracking safeguarding, and the move away from third-party identifiers have led to complexity for European ad buyers and sellers. 

With the ambition to create a sustainable roadmap for addressable media in Europe, the collective will work alongside advertisers, agencies, and media owners to help them understand the rapidly changing identity landscape. The ultimate goal is to develop a set of practical recommendations for European advertisers and media owners to clarify these changes, and to support trust and growth in addressable media.  Crucially, this addressable future is underpinned by a privacy-first, dynamic, competitive, and open ecosystem that supports media owners and advertisers, large and small. 

The partnership will explore identity solutions across formats including CTV, digital TV, apps and websites. Discussing the partnership benefits for the digital TV market, LiveRamp’s Head of Strategic Growth, Hugh Stevens, commented that “Addressability helps to build consumer trust, put the consumer and the broadcaster in control, and create an environment where advertisers and broadcasters can work closer together to deliver meaningful outcomes for brands. Ultimately, better audience definitions will bring more advertisers and budgets into a growing digital TV market.” 

Addressability is destined to become the foundation for the new interlinked advertising ecosystem. And LiveRamp’s proprietary Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) is one solution that publishers can consider as it enables publisher audiences to authenticate themselves in a cookieless environment while also maintaining control over their data.