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Display & Video 360’s PAIR is here – LiveRamp integrates to enable stronger ROAS and better consumer experience

  • Travis Clinger
  • 4 min read

We’re excited to announce that we’ve now integrated Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR into the LiveRamp platform and have kicked off our first brand campaigns. We’ve enabled more than a dozen publishers and aim to scale to over 100 by the end of the summer, including Advance Local, Hometalk, Publishers Clearing House, Raptive (formerly CafeMedia), and UsWeekly (a360media). All brands working with LiveRamp will be able to seamlessly activate PAIR. For publishers, PAIR is an add-on module to LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), is available today to all of LiveRamp’s publisher partners in North America and APAC, and will be available in June 2023 to all of LiveRamp’s publisher partners across EU and LATAM.

With PAIR (Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation), publishers and marketers will be able to securely and privately reconcile their first-party data for marketing use cases. This step forward unlocks additional scale today across inventory already impacted by third-party cookie changes, while also providing a sustainable solution for the future.

We’re incredibly excited for brands to run their campaigns using PAIR. We strongly believe that PAIR will deliver better return on ad spend (ROAS) than cookie-based targeting, and a better consumer experience.

  • “We’re excited about the potential that Display & Video 360’s PAIR shows, and look forward to continuing to power the experiences our consumers want, through PAIR and more.” – Alexis Marcombe, Managing Director, Carrefour Links

LiveRamp enables flexible collaboration, with the ability to collaborate wherever data lives. Our experience providing enhanced clean room capabilities with private people-based identity, measurement, insight applications, as well as activation capabilities, are proof that we help enable marketers to build and collaborate in the ways that best work for their businesses. Our belief in permissions, consent, and secure data collaboration combined with configurability, controls, and permissioning enable our enhanced clean room functionality and addressable ecosystem to work in 21 markets across the world. LiveRamp’s clean room capabilities will help unlock PAIR for advertisers and publishers in each of these 21 markets, including: EU markets like the UK, France, Italy, and Spain; LATAM markets like Brazil and Mexico; and key APAC markets including Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Today, there are more than 14,000 publisher domains live on ATS and every one of these domains is eligible for Display & Video 360’s PAIR via an add-on module.

  • “Advance Local is always looking for new ways to earn reader trust through a privacy-first approach while driving greater value from our commitment to providing local journalism that strengthens and empowers the communities we serve. LiveRamp’s integration with Display & Video 360’s PAIR carries the promise of delivering on both, and we’re excited to participate in this important initiative,” – Jeff Sutton, VP, Programmatic, Advance Local
  • “Since it’s quite evident at this point that the industry is well on its way to a cookieless world, we have been watching quite closely for alternative solutions being developed that can provide publishers some uplift. Having worked with LiveRamp and Google separately on solutions, and have seen some impact from those efforts, it’s certainly intriguing to see what the combination of forces here will bring to the industry.” – Ezra Menaged, CEO, Hometalk
  • “We are incredibly excited to be at the forefront of innovation as a launch partner within Display & Video 360’s PAIR, where we can proudly demonstrate the strength and performance of PCH’s 100% authenticated audience segments. PCH is committed to privacy-safe identity targeting and helping brands succeed on best-of-breed technologies like LiveRamp and Google PAIR.” – Chris Moore, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Publishers Clearing House
  • “We’re eager to expand our successful LiveRamp partnership with Display & Video 360’s PAIR. We anticipate the incremental addressability PAIR provides on Display & Video 360 will deliver our audiences to an expanded set of buyers and further improve the monetization of our authenticated user base. We couldn’t be more delighted to be on the ground floor of this initiative with LiveRamp.” – Patrick McCann, SVP Research, Raptive
  • “Together with LiveRamp and Display & Video 360’s PAIR, our goal is to enrich our identity solutions through intuitive and innovative partnerships.” – Paul Likins, VP, Revenue Operations, a360media

As we work with Display & Video 360 – as well as publishers and advertisers from across the world – on the rollout of PAIR, we look forward to powering campaigns that increase advertising performance and hit marketing objectives, while respecting users’ growing privacy expectations. We believe that publishers and advertisers will need a mixture of solutions for a sustainable future, and are committed to help enable these solutions in ways that minimize risk and help stakeholders retain control of their data.

If you’re interested in learning more about Display & Video 360’s PAIR:

  • Publishers can register their interest for future expansions of Display & Video 360’s PAIR program by contacting us at [email protected].
  • Advertisers can learn more about how to start collaborating and activating on their first-party data with PAIR by contacting us at [email protected].