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Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) connects publisher and brand identity to shape media experiences and measure effectiveness.

  • Provides a privacy-first, PII authentication solution

  • Creates addressable audiences without third-party cookies or mobile identifiers

  • Enables reach and measurement on an encrypted, people-based identifier

Customer Testimonials

In the first test alone, ATS delivered a 4% increase in video completion rate on top of 40% more efficient cost metrics when compared to the cookie. These results are invaluable as we continue growing our first-party relationship with consumers across more touchpoints, and reinvest the savings to increase our reach."
  • 40%

    More efficient cost metrics

  • 4%

    Increase in video completion rate

ATS has enabled us not only to prepare for a world without third-party cookies but also to excel beyond it by dramatically increasing the value of our inventory through first-party authentications. We feel closer to home shoppers than ever, enhancing our ability to make the most of their home buying journey through more compelling and personalised experiences."
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The Opportunity for Publishers

Maximise ad revenue

ATS helps publishers recognise known users on their sites in real time, enabling data-informed targeting and increasing the value of your inventory. Unlock new revenue streams with enhanced direct, private marketplace and open exchange targeting on authenticated ad inventory.

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Connect high-value users to demand

Data offered by users via authentications, with appropriate transparency and choice, is one way publishers get to know their users better. When marketers are able to buy authenticated inventory, publishers see higher budgets, increased yields and better eCPMs.

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Regain control and choice

ATS does not leverage authentications from one site for another site, nor does it create a co-op of publisher data. By placing control in publisher hands, publishers decide which DSPs and SSPs to work with and whether to enable buys on the open exchange or via private marketplace.

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The Opportunity for Brands

Build your data foundation

Marketers are investing in new ways to collect and connect first-party data so they can build stronger relationships with customers and drive personalised engagement. ATS connects authenticated data from owned programs and properties to power retargeting, audience building, insights and attribution in a secure manner.

Engage your customer

ATS is the standard for marketers to coordinate and shape the customer journey in high-quality authenticated environments. By preserving addressability across browsers, apps, and CTV, ATS already unlocks valuable audiences on Safari, Firefox and devices. Continue to buy directly with the DSP of your choice or via private marketplace deals with any of the top global SSPs

Understand the value of your investments

Tie ad exposures to conversion events—both online and offline—to determine performance for key KPIs. ATS allows you to capture consumer behaviour across your owned and operated properties, as well as your omnichannel media buys. Every impression is measurable, so you can understand how your media investments deliver desired business outcomes.

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